As many of you know, a knew teen phenomenon has been sweeping people in my age group, to a social group called Straight Edge.Straight Edge is the life style of banning any form of left-wing life style, ie; Drugs, alchohal, sex. Now I understand that this is mostly a safe, smarter life style. But "SxE" has gone far out of control. People have formed groups to beat down anyone caught drinking or smoking, in any public place. Usually with a ratio following above 10:1.Also, no one I know can be straight edge, for they've smoked, drank, and had sexual relations. But as long as they're told how to live, they believe the past has never happened. Too me it's almost like they're trying to start another prohibition era. Personally, I love a good smoke. Not cigarettes, but a nice dime sack of my favorite, Blue dream. Also, who doesn't love a cigar every once in a while? And let me guess, no drinking on New Years too? Sorry, I like Champagne to much too rid it the one of the 3 days of the years my parents allow me to have a glass.
The main point I'm trying to put here, is that almost all teenage Straight Edgers, or whatever the plural is, are all HYPOCRITES. They all get together and listen to people scream into a mic, then go to concerts to punch each other in the face. Yet, these people call me an idiot because I decided NOT to devout myself to their lifestyle.
I legitimately hate everything about Straight Edge, and I guarantee you they'll become the next Juggalos.
Uploaded 05/31/2012
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