Straight Razor Shave

This has been a very long desire in my life. Every corner I seemed to turn was disappointment and discouragement. Whenever I asked if straight razors on display were good enough to shave with Id either get laughed at or taken to the side and talked to. Well online I looked here and there and only found spensive ones. What if I fucking hate it and then just wasted 300 on a pretty razor? Fuck that. Why am I subjecting myself to this? One, because I like to be old fashioned. Two, what I really dig about it is how friggen close of a shave you can get once youre good at it. Supposedly its better for your skin and the waste thrown away from it is far less then a regular one.

Well I found a cheap razor that was rated very well and good for beginners. Its the same shape and concept as a regular straight razor, the only difference is its just a bracket for holding a razor you pop in. Thats good because I can learn to shave without learning to sharpen just yet.

So before work the morning of Thursday I attempted to hack my stubble off with my straight razor. I watched some instructional videos on you tube, and I was sitting on the edge of my seat and I swear if you tried to push a needle in my butt hole it wouldnt fit. Right now I just shave the sides, get it as good as I can then finish up with a regular razor. So far so good. No cuts, not sliced throats. Yes setting that thing on my throat skin is pretty scary. Im waiting until Im very confidant with that thing on my face. Anyone else ever attempted or had a straight razor shave?
Uploaded 03/11/2011
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