strghtjcktgrl... NO!

Im tired of having to tell you think through private messages, but you just dont seem to listen.  I sent you a private message saying that I didnt want to have to embarrass you in front of everyone else here, but because you simply dont seem to understand that I have no interest in you whatever, I decided enough is enough.


I will not marry you.

You cannot have my cock.

I know my penis is big, and Im sure it WOULD feel good inside your tight hoo-haw, but I already have a girl in my life, tyvm.

I flattered you think I am the most attractive male youve ever seen, and I know you want my babies.  Again, my legacy belongs to the girlfriend I have already, not you.

Stop asking me to send you naked pictures.  I know your favorite pictures are those of me going commando in a tight pair of jeans with the fly undone, and my huge dick hanging out, and I totally regret sending you that one.  What can I say, I was drunk.

Just because you have my name tattooed underneath your tits does not mean that youre my girlfriend, or ever will be my girlfriend.  Enjoy the laser removal.

No, I didnt choose not to have sex with you because of your herpes, chlamydia, and genital warts (although those are quite disgusting).  I chose not to have sex with you because, once again, I already have a girl in my life.  But even if I didnt, I wouldnt touch that stanky pussy with a 40 foot pole.



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