Just some stuff:

I am a technophile so what's her name is always getting me neat little gifts to appease my need for gadgets but unfortunately she usually shops for a clearance item or spends as little as possible on these prizes, thus making most of them virtually unusable. But she tries.

Here in Florida today a sheriffs deputy that struck and killed a woman in hsi patrol car was acquitted. The reason for the summary order of acquittal? the judge in the case stated that the state hadn't proven that said deputy was driving the car (only 1 witness and she was behind the deputy). The thing that sticks in my craw  (I know law enforcement watches out for their own)  is that the highway patrol issued a citation to said deputy for exceeding the 40 MPH speed limit by 24 MPH. I guess that ticket didn't prove anything either. Justice in action..

I gave myself this Friday off so that I could just hang out and fuck off but made the mistake of not making my plans clear now have a BBQ planned for tomorrow. Oh happy day!

We have been feeding a stray one eyed cat at the front door for a couple months, even caught it and took it to the vets for a checkup, de-worming etc. Only problem is now the cat is trying to get into the house whenever the front door is open,,,,,, and the dogs definitely know it is out there. all it would take is 1 time for kitty to cross the threshold and that would be the  last time kitty crossed the threshold.

I'm writing the on my laptop whose keyboard is wearing out and i am misspelling about every 3rd word.

A mouse or some other varmint died in my garage and now I get to find it tomorrow before the BBQ, the smell on the back patio is exquisite.

I don't know why people think customer loyalty cards or store reward cards get them amazingly better days. Don't they realize that the few items on the program are offset by the other items (especially household chemicals) that more than make up for any loss said retailer would incur.

I thought about doing that crazy coupon thing but am too lazy!

There is a new bank making a big push here into Florida called TD bank, I was curious what TD stood for so I looked it up: TD = Toronto Dominion, a startling name no matter how you take it! Is this a long term plan by Great Britain to take back those poor misguided errant colonies? everyone knows that Canada is a puppet regime run from 10 Downing street?

I travel for work and when I get home the dogs go fucken nuts, there is 1 however who after my arrival will not leave my  side (she's curled up next to me on the couch right now) I love that!

I am dealing with a very sick mother who probably doesn't have much longer to live. Please don't take this wrong but I have daydreamed of ways to help her die just to relieve her of her pain and suffering.  Talk about mixed emotions and feelings of guilt and love all at once, WOW!. I think Kavorkian was following a path that may have made more sense than I gave it credit for in the past.

Well I've wasted enough of your time and if you made it this far you should have a reward so here is a little joke to sign off.. Sorry about the tone of this blog but it did help me to get it out.

Cop pulls over a pick-up truck and while walking up notices a bunch of penguins in the back, 
"What are you doing with the penguins in the truck he asks?"
"they are my penguins" responds the driver. 
"You can't have a bunch of penguins back there you need to take them to the zoo"
"You're right sir I'll do that right away" and drives off.

Next week the cop pulls over the same pickup truck and sees the penguins still in the back but this time they are all wearing sunglasses. 
" I thought I told you last week to take those penguins to the zoo?"asks the cop. 
"You are exactly right officer and last week I took them to the zoo"........"This week I'm taking them to the beach"



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