My momma taught me how to run, how to clean myself and my room. How to cook and wash dishes. She inspired me to enjoy books, something I hold onto to this day. She taught me to garden, to sew, and to care for animals. She showed me how to save while shopping. How to reuse and create and to love. She showed me how important education is.

My pops taught me how to lift weights, how to handle assholes. How to shoot a gun, how to throw a punch. How to reload ammunition. He taught me self control, strength of character, pride and courage. How to bbq. He also taught me, a few times over (sometimes with a belt), to respect women. He taught me to drive, to find a way to make money. How to change oil. To love and respect family and God. And, especially how to find humor no matter how bad things get.

Anyone who thinks same sex couples can raise a child is insane. There are things you learn from a woman, and a man. And not one or the other can teach. I don't care if you want to be gay. Just don't involve this nations children.
Uploaded 04/19/2013
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