Stupid Ass School

I don't know what idiot designed the subject lists for high schools. There should be some kind of a educational revolution that would replace most bull shit subjects that aren't needed for anything (history, chemistry, physics) unless you wanna be a stupid ass historian or some shit. Replace with what?

Since high school is supposed to teach practical skills used in the society, like math or English, then why doesn't it teach cooking, and how to take care of small babies? These are skills everyone should know. Especially the boys, since they tend to drop these duties on women saying they didn't learn this stuff. No shit, dumb ass. They don't teach you that in school. But they should. The girls are smart and learn that easily, but boys are dumb and even if you explain step by step how to bathe a child or change a diaper, most of them will most likely fuck up.

Another thing they should add is make up course during art classes. Not only because a lot of girls can't tell the difference between subtle make up and clown make up. Boys should learn how to do make up too. So that girls don't have to struggle with applying it using a mirror. Plus, that would mean more time spent together.

I'm a terrible cook and I know there's courses you can sign up for but that shit costs and takes time and effort to go somewhere and watch chefs do it. Since school is mandatory, at least they could add some cool, but more importantly USEFUL subjects.

Uploaded 09/26/2012
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