Stupid limbs, Sex face's And morbid humor

Pins and needles have to be the worst things ever. I have a tendancy to sleep on my face and I'm usualy lying on my arm and thus wake up with pins and needles. This doesn't bother me a whole lot when it happens every once in a while but it has been happening every night and I am soon going to knaw my arm off.

I lvoe the feeling I get when my hand or foot goes numb. I dont know why it just feels so cool. At one point I laid on my back in a chair in my living room with my legs up in the air for 20 minutes. When I tried to get up and walk I fell on my face. It felt just about as amazing as you would have thought. Something that I find very amusing is when somebody muscles crap or seomthing and they are trying to walk and they do this weird limp/hobble.

Sorry to bring the topic of sex into this blog but it has nothing to do with my sex life. How ridiculously funny would it be if you took a picture of everyone's sex face and mounted them up on a wall. You cannot think about someones sex face or "O" face without giggling. People would have their eyes bulging and mouths gaping. If you ever felt depressed you could walk into that room and going into a laughing fit for ten minutes.

I have always had a very weird sense of humor. I get my sarcasm from my ste-sister, And I'm jsut naturaly sarcastic. I get my filthy mind and ability to turn almost any perfectly normal sentance into one that is filled with sexual inuendo's from my step-father. And then I get a morbid sense of humor from a very close friend who happens to be a cop. I laughed when my sister was watching Privat Practice and a kid that had aids slept with his girlfriend and he didn't know he had aids. I sat their laughing.

I am one of the few female's who find fart jokes funny. I find it incredibly funny when someone lets one loose at the most innapropriate times. Burping is also funny to me. I can burp like a man wich isd the most un-sexy thing but it's entertaining. Wouldn't it be the most amazingly funny thing if like HIlary Clinton or President Bush were giving some big political speech and opened their mouths and out came a giant burp. Or if They went to shake somebodys hand and farted into a microphone or something. That would make my day. I dont think Bush really needs to do that to make himself look stupid though.

Uploaded 10/06/2008
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