Stupid Religious Stalkers

You should probably read my Creationist Fallacies galleries. Then you'd have an idea of why you should've been aborted. I've stated the same answers to the same dumb questions and unfounded accusations as a special, nice gesture. But stupidity seems to know no bounds, since you all sound like a broken record.

I know by two or three words into your ridiculous posts that the real problem is what I've already outlined several times, which you seem to pretend to ignore, like it's gonna change anything. You're the exact people the posts within my galleries talk about, and you don't like it. You're either heavily religious, anti-gay, anti-woman, think evolution is just a theory in the common sense of the word, or all of the above.

So instead of being the bigger person you'd rather spout more religious and retarded bullshit on every gallery I post like I'm gonna see some kind of light and agree with you. It isn't gonna happen. You have no light. You have no special knowledge. You have no powers I don't.

You suck. And so do your bullshit attitudes.

It's nice to know that with all the shit going on in the world you'd prefer to do the Christian thing, which of course is stalk non-believers, cry and whine, spam, make up bullshit, and spout one fallacious argument after another cuz after all, the right way is your way.

I'm gonna post another 25 galleries after the ones I already have. And you're gonna deal with it, chumps.

Uploaded 12/14/2012
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