Stupid shit

SO yesterday morning on the bus me and Nichelle were jsut sittnig there, Trying to stay awake. When the girl behind us who my sister and I have had issues with before cause she has a problem with running her mouth about people. Well she sarted talking shit about my sister and our family, And my sisters friend Kelly who is the nicest girl you would ever meet...Unless you pissed her off. Well my sister didn't take kindly to this and her and her friend beat the shit out of her. Me and Nichelle happende to be walking by to our next class when this happened so I started cheering Sam on. Jillian ( the custy ass whore) got totaly destroyed. And my sister and Sam didnt have a single mark on them. During my classs i got called down to the office. My sister was suspended for 6 days, Sam for 10 and me for 1. Why the fuck did  they suspend me. So I told my sister that some custy whore who likes to take it up the ass was talking shit.

So today Andrea ( my sister) and kelly and I were hanging out. Sam calls us and tells us that Jills only suspended for 5 days. She was the one that threw the first punch at Sam when she wasnt even facing her!

So we decided to do the mature thing and grab some eggs and decorated her house.

Uploaded 11/18/2008
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