stupid things...

a few years ago, my aunt mysteriously got sick and the clinic she went to apparently had a hard time pinning what exactly was wrong with her. anyway, my mom, as her sister, went with her to a few of the appointments for support. mind you, this was back in the 90's when aids was a huge new thing in the media and politics and my mom tells me this they were sitting there filling out paperwork and the doctor asks my aunt cheryl..."Have you ever had homosexual relations" and my aunts goes "My cousin Michael is gay."

another time, a group of us were hangin out at my friend nicks house...ps2, music, beer...whatever. so anyway, our buddy neil runs to the gas station down the street and leaves his phone on the coffee table right in front of the tv--which no one realized at the time. so its me, frank and ryan sittin on the couch playin ps2 and everybodys mindin their own business and havin a good time. a few minutes later, frank picks up his phone to make a call. a few more moments later, neils phone starts to vibrate on the cofee table. so ryan picks up the phone and is like no sorry man, neils not here....they talk for like a minute and franks like alright later. lol im sittin in the middle of these two and im the only one out of the three of us who even realizes they were just having a conversation with eachother. lol i mean i know it doesnt sound that funny but jesus christ how ridiculous is that. this other time we were hangin out at nicks house...again and our friend rowdy told us this obnoxious ass joke about a fetus... "whats wet and bloody and crawls down your leg" A FETUS! the obnoxious dooshbags we were, we began shouting a response to "what do you wanna watch?" FETUS!! we were getting kind of carried away with it and next thing we know, nicks mom shouts down stairs "FEED YOURSELVES!!"

Uploaded 06/13/2008
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