I watched a very interesting show on stupidity, especially in America. Now I'm not going to get into every detail of the show, but one thing they talked about caught my interest.


The show began speaking about Former President George W. Bush.

Now many obviously see him as a complete moron, idiot, simpleton, etc etc.

First, lets take a little look at George W. Bush. Now I am not saying he was the brightest person in the world, by any means; however, to call him an idiot is definitely not a word I would use. George W. Bush graduated from Yale University with a BA in History, this is no easy task as many might know, and yes he did party a lot...But seriously who doesn't?

Bush graduated in the top 85% of his class. This to me is pretty note worthy.

That's not all. In 1975 Bush went on to earn is M.B.A from Harvard University.

So what's my point in all of this? I honestly do not think Bush is as dumb as he lets on. I personally think it was a Political move. Now I am by no means a Conspiracy Theroist, but this is an interesting notion.

Let's take a look at most President's campaign strategy. Appeal to the American's who actually follow Politics to at least some sort of extent. And, to seem smart and seem like they have all the answers. But, lets face it who likes a know it all?

So Bush's strategy, I beleive, is to seem dumber than the average American. Why? Because that gives a sense of control for Americans. People love to feel like they are in control of their politicians.

And let's be real, who are the majority in America? The semi-smart or the stupid people? So of course Bush wanted to go after the majority vote.

People were shocked when he was re-elected. I on the other hand wasn't suprised in any way. He won over the stupid people in America.

One last thing to butter the bread. Many people (mainly the dumb people) think that Bush was born in Texas. Now yes it is true he grew up there; however, he was in fact born in New Haven, Connecticut. But, he wanted people to think that he was because Texas is the biggest state in the US and a key political state. Also, a redneck Texan is so much easier to relate to for the majority.

So this is why I think Bush just played stupid during his presidency.

Now I am not say this is fact. This is just my opinion. I would love to hear what you all have to say. Please give some feed back. Intellectual feed back is preferred. Also, if I may have offended anyone I do apologize. I don't know how I would have but just in case.


HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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