Subscription System- The Redesign's Epic Fail

As many users have already pointed out before me, the new design has a rather irrational approach on the subscription system, meaning you don't get notified about new uploads from the users you subscribed to. But wait, you have the subscription tab now - the staff members hurriedly explain. The subscription tab is one of the dumbest and useless things on here. No offense to the people who worked on the new layout - but the way you handled subscriptions sucks.

I subscribed for DrunkandNaked to know when he uploads his comics. On the new layout I have to check in the tab to learn if he uploaded anything recently. I might as well bookmark the uploads sections of people's profiles, because that's basically what the subscription tab does. Pointless.

There's so many space between the ridiculous Stumble button and the search icon (which is another thing nearly hidden from the users). Wouldn't a separate inbox for subscription notifications be a much better idea than that tab? I'm sure more people agree with me.

PS. Where's the RANDOMIZER on the new layout?
Uploaded 06/27/2012
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