Sue McDonald's Over Happy Meals?

Once again a group is suing McDonald's for marketing Happy Meals to children. I don't know what group it is; I heard a blurb on the radio. I suppose I could look it up but this in the internet so we do not need to list our sources.

The basis of the lawsuit is that Happy Meals, by offering Shrek wind-up toys and Dora the Explorer Little Hotel Maid Housekeeper figures and Karate Kid Blackface Remake-up Kits, encourages little peeps to eat unhealthy foods.

Ummm... the last I checked, 4 year-olds didn't decide what was for lunch/dinner, nor did they have the money to BUY said meal, nor did they have the skills required to hit the drive-thru.

The group filing the lawsuit (the sewers) explained that if a child sees a cartoon character pushing a product, they will pressure their parents to consume it. I'm no Hercules but when my son was 5 I could beat him at any what's-for-dinner debate... or at a game of chess...or 3-of-5 arm wrestling matches.

How 'bout we, as parents, just tell our kids that McDonald's is an "Occasional Food" like when dad's too hung over to cook. (I'm speaking from personal experience)

I HATE Happy Meals. Not because it feeds poison to our kids, which it does, but because of the toyboxes filled with Little Mermaid Flashlights, Spongebob Vibrators, and all the mercury-filled, Chinese-made, sharp-edged little fucking plastic toys I step on in the middle of the night. Maybe I should file a lawsuit...


Uploaded 06/24/2010
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