Suggestion for anyone seeking a good TV show to watch

Supernatural is easily one of my favorite shows ever. My girlfriend got me into it. The show revolves around two brothers and their father who fight demons. I know, sounds stupid, right? I thought the same thing I'm not usually into the whole supernatural creature stuff but I gave it a chance and I really wish you would also. if you do I highly suggest watching it from the first season on. Season three has already wrapped up on television on the CW. Which again, don't judge the network it's on. The series is full of suprises and it's interesting how they fight off creatures it explains it all and makes the whole thing very believable. In the first episode we find out that when Dean was around 6 and Sam 2 a creature invaded their home. it opens up flashing back to when the brothers were little boys and their mother walks by their room. it's night time she came because she heard Sam (The younger brother) who is around 2 in this scene crying. She sees a man she believes to be her husband standing with him so she walks on. Only to find her husband in the next room asleep on the recliner. She rushes back into the room and the demon (All demons and most other monsters are human form. Nothing weird like see through ghost spirits...) The demon uses his powers to pin her against the wall and then to the ceiling where he sets her on fire, killing her. This gets John (The brother's dad) into hunting demons and other supernatural forces int he first place. Flash Forwards twenty years... Dean has stayed with his father hunting things while Sam has drifted away from that lifestyle and went to college at Stanford. Dean shows up at Stanford at his brother and Jessica's (Sam's gf) dorm. he tells Sam that their dad is out on a "job" and hasn't been back for about a month. They keep what they do secret. Sam reluctantly agrees to go with Dean to look for him. (They look for most of the season before finding him)  The creature featured in that first episode is a "Woman in White". What that is is a spirit that's appearing in the cars of random guys along a certain highway stretch. Seducing them then violently killing them. The police only find an empty car and no bodie or blood. Through research of the local area's deaths on the highway they find out who she was. (*All spirits were once human. They stay on earth if for various reasons (Revenge, guilty feeling, etc...) They also find out why she only kills guys by looking up what a WOman in White is in their Dad's journal which Dean has. The journal catalogues most every supernatural creature, what they are and how to get rid of them. A Woman in White is a woman who was cheated on by her husband and will only target guys in a committed relationship. If they cheat then she kills them. Since Sam has a girlfriend he agrees to go alone and kill the creature. (This is after they tried getting rid of her another way. There are various ways, one is digging up the person's bones and salting and burning them. This didn't work here so they're going with this method. They've still yet to find out what's keeping her here. Sam's driving alone and she appears in the car with him offering herself. Sam simply tells her that he's not going to cheat so she can't kill him. Which is what they believed to be true but she forces herself on him. Sam slams on the brakes in front of what used to be this woman's house (Which is by a bridge on the end of the highway. She's on Sam clawing away when Dean shows up and shoots the spirit with rock salt from a gun. (This drives the spirit away for a 5-10 minute period. After making sure Sam is ok they wait and see the spirit on the bridge. (Which is again right next to the house) The spirit jumps off the side, messing with them as it comes back up and in Dean's car driving toward them. Eventually they get the car back and she appears inside. Dean drives through her house into the middle of it and the spirit is laying on the floor inside. She goes to attack but stops as we see the spirits of two children at the top of the stairs. Water begins running down the stairs and the children walk down toward their mother and pull her back down to hell. Which puts her spirit to rest. So in this situation her spirit was staying around because it felt guilty about drowning her own children. (They find out she went mad when her husband left and cheated so she hung her children and leapt off the bridge committing suicide which explains the spirit doing that sam thing, messing with sam and Dean. At the end of the show Sam goes back to Stanford because he only agreed to try one time to find their dad with Dean. Sam walks inside to his bedroom to find Jessica (His gf) pinned to the wall by the same Demon who killed their mother so many years ago. Jessica is lifted to the ceiling and burnt also. This drives Sam into hunting full time with his brother. That's episode one. I really hope you read and hope you're interested but as I said buy Season one on DVD and watch in order. Ruins it if you watch out of order as there are a lot of suprises along the way. I hope you'll consider watching it, it's a very great show on a shitty network for some reason. Also, as I said if you're not the type of person that gets into all this sci-fi stuff well neither am I. I promise you it's not as stupid as you think. I VERY reluctantly gave it a chance I hope you will too. I could log the second episode tomorrow if there's enough demand for it and if this one hasn't quite peaked your intrest. Thanks SO much for reading if you've made it this far.

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