Suicide The Sad Truth...

Well I just found out couple days ago, one of my good friends from high school committed suicide. He was only 17 years old, a Junior. He played football made straight A's, loved working on trucks with his dad. Was in church every Sunday Morn/Night, and Wed Night. He was friends with everyone regardless of who they were. Everyone thought alot of him.


A few months his mother was diagnosed with cancer and only had 6 months to live, he took this pretty bad. Apparently him and his dad kept getting into arguments, as well as his girlfriend broke up with him. He couldnt stand to see his mother so sick, it broke his heart.


So last Thursday, March 26, instead of going to school he drove out to a place we call Happy Hollow, where we going riding Four-Wheelers and such. Its about 500+Acres of woods. About 10:30AM he called his girlfriend told her that he was sorry it didn't work out, and that he just couldnt live anymore that he was going to commite suicide. After he ended that phone call she immediately told her parents which called the cops. He then callec his mother told her he loved her so much, and that he couldnt stand to see her like this. He then stuck his .44 Magnum to his head and pulled the trigger. The police found him about 15 minutes later...


How can someone who loved life, went to church every time the doors was open, and had so many friends do something like this? How can no one have seen he was having issues. He was telling my cousin who is in the same grade as him (Ive already Graduated)that he was having dreams he was seeing hiself dead, as well as his mother. He even told a friend of his he was going to do it the day before. How could that kid not say anything???? It may have been prevented if he would have spoke up.

If your friends ever say there going to commit suicide, dont just slug it off as a joke. It could be true, he could have some shit going on his life no one knows about. I would like to ask you the readers to pray for the family of Dalton Proctor, and his friend who he told was going to do it. He apparently blames the whole death on hiself and is taking it very hard. Even the school is taking it hard, they have cancelled about 6 baseball games, took 3 days off, and for a week had about 15 Councillers talking to students. So Please pray for his Family,his friend, and the community. They really need the extra support.


R.I.P-Dalton.. 1991-March 26 2009

This is a true story, please do not post useless spam, is his myspace, the only photo, that I have of him. It is of him and his girlfriend, looking at it, you would never think someone like him would commit suicide...

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