Summer 2011 summary

So it's almost september and its been a good year, the country was close to a crysis but the president somehow managed to overcome it. theres been a lot of trouble in the middle east especially with the Mubarak issue in Egypt. but this summer was one of the hottest here, I mean it was sweaty and the air wasnt as fresh as it should be for most of the time so I guess the kids wont be happy about going back to school, okay some will.

autumn is the best time of the year because its cool but warm enough to go outside and have fun, the new shows on tv because the people are back from their summer vacation. the holidays arent as they used to be, everythings expensive and going to another country costs a lot of cash. 

its especially hard to drive during summer, not winter, you know you switch the tires for winter and you drive steady still need to be alert for any dangers from the crazy drivers out there, but I mean during summers, the cars are like microwaves. if youre into racing you go by night so its cooler then but if you drive to work and get stuck in traffic and have to stay in yo car for 2 hours even with A. C. on, man this aint good you probably know what I mean. Later blogers
Uploaded 08/21/2011
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