Summer in Oz

Ohayou, guys! I'm receiving many questions about why I blog so rarely recently. A few months ago, I've decided to start my own webpage filled with my posts and that's where I blog now. Why? First off, you don't get paid here. Second, instead of a 100-1000 views on my blogs a week here, my website is getting 1000-15 000 views a day.

I know that it's not legal to advertise here, so, if you're interested in joining the feedback on my blogs on my private website, be sure to pm me. You can read all my previous blogs from Ebaumsworld, as well as the new posts, leave comments, share your thoughts and be nice. Trolls get a kick in the ass.

Speaking about kicking ass, it's summer vacation in Australia and I'm surfing every day. The downside of summer is that it's usually too hot and that I get a tan. Other than that, it's nice to get a break from school.

I've decided to drop by the blog section on ebaumsworld and write a blog on different occasions.

Have a great weekend!

Uploaded 01/19/2013
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