sup fags

sup losers i run this shit. kay im drunk so imma go drink rum. the drink of pirates. I have one word to say. I have recieved word from mods, that the blog section will be taken down due to drama. We don't want that to happen. I love the blog section, it's what brought me to ebaums, it's what led me to meet my wife believe it or not. Stop this shit. If you want an example follow me. I blog my own shit, I don't blog based on drama I just do my own damn thing. Fuck the drama. Do your own thing man. Love each other. We can save this section, just blog what you think. dangle, tomlet do your thing man. we can do this. just fuckin blog fuck the drama just do it. we need you bros keep this shit alive. im one of the last old timer bloggers, and i love this shit. we can do it. write a blog or two or three. i love you guys believe me i read your stuff, dont think jsut cus we dont comment we dont read it. im the guy in the back row readin ur stuff rating it 5 stars. im a married man now, i dont have time to write a comment. keep it alive buddies. i love you all unite peeps lets keep it alive rock on yall

sjg i love you, im sorry if i hurt your feelings. if youre reading this right now, please blog. we miss you. imma work on bringing back platypus and all those guys lets do this shit!!!!!
Uploaded 12/05/2011
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