Super High Me

Super High Me, the movie, just came out. It is a take on Super Size Me...the all enlightening epiphany that fast food is bad for you. Thank God I got that information in time, I tell you what. The premise of the movie is that comedian Doug Benson smokes pot for 30 days to see the effects. Not seeing the movie yet, I cannot comment on the scientific efficacy of the experiment, but I can comment on my particular expertise, the perception of this movie.

If this was an attempt to establish validity to the thought that marijuana should be legalized, they just set the movement back 10 years. It matters not how much "expert" data and opinion they collected, nor does their intention matter. They developed and marketed the movie as, 1: a spoof on an existing platform, and 2: a Cheech and Chong movie.

Those two variables have solidified the positions of the audience. Pot smokers will like it and pot haters will hate it. Obviously this movie was marketed for the pot smoker...guess what guys, we don't need to convince them to make pot legal. Just thought you should know. We need to convince the other side.

There are two major arguments that need to be made before there will be a general acceptance of the doobie similar to the acceptance of alcohol. The first argument and possibly the most powerful is that marijuana is a gateway drug. If you look at the literal meaning of that statement you can see that the argument is unsound. Yes, marijuana is probably the first illegal drug that an individual tries, and that individual MAY move on to "harder drugs". Dig a little deeper and you will find that most kids first taste of the reality altering substances comes right out of a parent's (their own or thier friends) liquor cabinet. Hell, nowadays parents are cramming the gateway drugs down their children's throats at ages as young as 4 years old...xanax, ritalin, and whatever other cocktail their doctors prescribe to compensate for poor parenting. No wonder why kids today cannot handle the harshness of reality; they never had to experience it before.

Notice how I used the term illegal drug in the above paragraph. This is the second argument. If everything that is illegal is bad, then their would be no need for argument because everything would be illegal. I digress. The argument is that the government made pot illegal because it is bad. Well, many points in the Patriot Act were illegal before it was passed, so if they were bad then why are they considered good now? That makes no sense. It is like saying torturing a human being is wrong unless we really want the information. Things do not go from bad to good in a society as a society is a group of people with the same beliefs. The government's logic only applies to the arguments they want it to.

The truth is that pot remains illegal because the government has not found a way to regulate it to get their share. Did you know that it is illegal for companies to claim a right to a natural occuring element with in nature? Take silver for example. Silver is possibly one of the greatest natural antibiotics on the planet. This has been known for a very long time. So much so that legends are made out of it...silver bullets kill the virus that makes a man turn into a werewolf. Since silver occurs naturally, pharmaceutical companies cannot claim a money making patent on it so it is given a bad rap.

Regulating pot hits the same wall. It is a natural occuring plant that requires no refinement for use therefore it cannot be regulated or patented. You may as well make it illegal to grow your own garden as it would fall into the same logic.

But Rev. Biggus, if we legalize pot the country will degrade into a cesspool of degenerates. Obviously the people making this comment do not read this blog regularly. Pot is like a is a tool to achieve an objective, just like a hammer or alcohol. The reason that pot is viewed as a gateway drug is because it is the most readily available on the street and it is pretty cheap compared to others so it is usually the first illegal drug tried. It is a matter of opportunity; your medicine cabinet is in contention for this #1 spot.

Something about band aids and sucking chest wounds comes to mind. Don't look at it like pot made my kid smoke it; you should be looking at it from the angle of why did my kid smoke pot? Here comes the personal experience. The Reverend use to be an addict. I have first hand knowledge of how these things work. Why did I start using reality altering substances? Because something was missing in my life. Where did it start? In my dads fridge and liquor cabinet. Am I still an addict? I don't know, I crave the physical feeling that cocaine/heroin/meth gave me every day (it is pretty kick ass but a totally different subject) but do not have the desire for the substance. Do you indulge? No, because I now have that thing that was missing and I no longer have a void to fill? Do I know what that thing is? Still don't but I can assume that it has something to do with the love in my family. The void is going to be different in every person.

The drug is not the problem here. The problem is the void kids and adults alike are using the drugs to fill. They will try to fill the void with anything they can, not only drugs. Get to the root of the problem. I found mine by accident. Most others will not. For that, I am the luckiest man on the planet.

Would I like to smoke a doobie right now? Yes, for the exact same reason I would like to have a pint of Guinness. I like them. Would it make me move to harder drugs again. No, as I have no voids to fill and I am not trying to escape my reality.

Be good to one another,
Rev. Biggus

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