Support group for 40s people whose spouses ruined their lives.

It was surprisingly NOT lame.  Not everybody was single either.  About one half of the people there were filipino.  I wasn't expecting that.  I ate a crap-ton of filipino food.  I ended up making a batch of my world class chili instead of baking cookies.  The recipe takes hours, but it rocks.


There was a poker tourney going on the whole time.  I crapped out of the first go round early and had some great conversations with people who were further along, not quite as far along, and exactly as far along in the process of their lives getting destroyed by an insane, self centered, and destructively immature spouse.


The second tourney I won, so I pocketed $70 in profit after counting my losses in the first go round. 


The best part was making a connection with a woman that came across as really cool.  Her husband left her a few weeks before my wife left me.  They're separated and her spouse can't be bothered with moving forward with the divorce.  She's from Guam.  I don't know her ethnicity, but it's some kind of south pacific/asian heritage.  She owns her own business renting ATVs.  How cool is that?  She's also a good poker player.  She laid her hands on me a lot.  I mean A LOT, when she was talking to me.  Some people are just like that, but she wasn't doing it to anybody else.  My single instincts are for shit now.  I did, however, get her phone number.  I'm not a moron.

What's creepy is her body size and shape is very similar to my wife's when we first hooked up.  She's a little taller than my wife, but curvy.  Long black hair.  Very attractive in her face.  Nice butt, full rack, and just a little bit of a belly.  Not a grotesquely rounded, pregnant looking belly, just not flat.


I didn't get properly introduced to her.  I'm usually good with names.  Long after it was clear she was interested in me, I wasn't 100% on what her name was.  It was embarrassing.  I kept on waiting for somebody else to introduce themselves to her so I could catch her name.  To have an attractive woman, who is likely really cool, showing an strong interest in me while I can't address her directly by name was awkward, to say the least.


Her name is Crystaline.  This is not her molecular arrangement, it's her name. 


After I told C that my separation ended with troll-wife infiltrating my home to make a documentable record that she's not abandoning our kids, she was appalled.  But not for the reasons I thought.


"So does that mean you can't just bring home a new girlfriend?"


"I told my wife that she better not bring her new boyfriends around my kids, so I suppose not."


I didn't try to make plans with Crystaline, I just got her number and email address.  I'll call her tomorrow.  There's another meet up with the group for an Easter barbeque tomorrow (errr... today, I guess) and she wanted to know if I was going.  I just might try to make that work.  Maybe I'll dump the kids with troll-wife and try to hook up with her.


I think the fact that I'm on the rebound might be counteracted by the fact that she is too.  We'll see.  I don't want to get my hopes up.  She cute, cool, funny, smart, has similar interests as I, and was giving me unsubtle hints that she was interested in me.  And, she owns her own ATV business!  But my life has been full of disappointments lately.  Going to have to take this slow.


Off to bed.  I might actually get some sleep tonight.  My wife's booty call canceled on her and she's staying over her mother's.  I had lively conversation with a cool woman.  There's a little sunshine peaking through the clouds.  I'll take what I can get.

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