Support our troops and the wars.

Today, many nations have citizens who hate their own country and want reform, revolution, and all that bullshit. I am talking about America but this may be good for other countries too.

When was the last time you ever heard a guy being called a Patriot? When was the last time you or someone you know did something out of love for the country you live in? America is at war with terrorism, Our enemy is terrorism and we all have to do our part to help even if we may not be soldiers. Patriotism means doing anything to help your country and support it through hard or easy times. Watching rap videos, protesting our soldiers who fight day and night so that we don't have another 9/11, smoking weed, spitting on our soldiers, chanting hate words at them is what is going on now in America and it has to stop.

We didn't ask for war, but we got attacked just like in Pearl Harbor. We want peace over anything but when attacked we will retaliate just like we did for hundreds of years. Patriotism plays a big role when we are at war with a relentless enemy, Every soldier fighting terrorism is a Patriot to his or her country, American soldiers are the biggest Patriots in America. We need more and more people to stick up for our soldiers, help them when their morale is destroyed, welcome them home when they leave again in a month, shake their hands, rally people to support our troops and win the war.

Civilians have always played a vital role in determining a nations fate in any war, Vietnam was a tragedy because of constant protests and many died for no reason, Don't let Iraq and Afghanistan become another Vietnam. I am not telling you to donate money to organizations, I am not telling you to enlist in the U.S Armed Forces, I am telling you to support all our troops and the wars they are waging. Proudly raise that American flag everyday, Proudly recite "I am fucking proud as hell to be an American" everyday.

Afghanistan and Iraq will be another victory for our armed forces, the time it takes to get to that victory depends on the citizens living in America. We can win the war in no time loosing less men with the support of all American citizens, or we will win it with small amount of support but it will take longer and many more Americans will perish in the fight against terrorism.

Thank you to all our soldiers and civilians fighting to defend our nation from terrorism, and getting rid of terrorists.

Uploaded 12/24/2009
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