I like to swear!

I have massive road rage, impatience in any type of store (expecially walmart!)

But I realized yesturday that my trucker mouth is wearing off on my children! :O

On the way to hellmart to get my daughter more school supplies and my son more diapers.... I got stuck behind an ASS that was doing 40 in a 65....... ARRRRG!

All I hear from my 6 yeard old is "FUCKING MOVE!" just as I opened my mouth to scream it!


So anyways, I finally get  to the store, unload the monsters and start heading for the entrance when a guy drove up behind me and started honking his horn.... I'm carrying a 11month old and dragging a 6 year old through the parking lot! So I'm not moving fast!

I turn to give him a "back off" look and I see my daughter giving him the middle finger! For the record, the guys face was priceless when he saw my daughter waving her tiny finger in the air!

Having a good chuckle, I get in the store, put the kids in the cart and head for the dairy.... the entire way dodging the little old ladies that would talk in the aisle and give you no  room to move. 


i was riding the heels of one old  fuck when she suddenly stopped. No brake lights...nothing! And my cart goes crashing into her heels.  she turned and scoffed at me ...

"get the hell out of my way,or move faster!"

So finally in the dairy, where there was this fat ass cow deciding what milk she wanted to buy was taking up the whole section with her bastard children. I'm trying to be patient as possible, but it's time to fucking move! so I step infront of her to get my milk, where she then in turn tells me next time i should be politer.

"Well if you werent waiting for your next welfare check, I would have been long gone. some  people work! and your making me late to pay for your ass!"

Apparantly she didnt like hearing the truth so she stands in front of me so i couldnt leave...... where the funniest thing in the world happened....

Right from the mouth of babes.... all i hear from my son was....


Gonna have to break out that swear jar again!

Uploaded 01/27/2009
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