sweat is pee?

At someday, i believe thursday or friday, in biology class, we were talking about sweat and I learned that sweat is a lesser concentrated form of pee.


Well good to know.


But if you think about it and sweat is pee, then human kind has the amazing ability to pee through their skin. So if you are all wet after gym class or a hot summer day, you actually pee'd all over yourself... nice, isn't it?

In other words: when you have sweat on your forehead, it would be the same like peeing in a toilet, then stick your head in it and flush the toilet.

And also, if you hug your girlfriend or boyfriend on a hot day and you feel that he/she is sweaty, you actually have his/her pee all over you.


But it doesn't end there,

If you take this amazing theory even further, you can conclude that:

When a dog wants to lose warmth, it pants, we all know that. The reason for that is because dogs can't lose warmth through their skin by sweating but they can to their tongue... by sweating.

In other words: a dog pees through his tongue in his own mouth by panting... but that probably doesn't matter since they lick their own penis...


So next time your all sweaty and want to whipe it off with your clothes, think again...

Uploaded 06/25/2008
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