Sweet Tooth

I'm not a big sugar eater, but I do enjoy a nibble of higher quality sweets. They usually have  few ingredients and the inclusion of tree nuts is my weakness. A couple of months ago my wife bought me some cashew brittle, like peanut brittle but with cashews. It was an incredible sensation, pure sweet buttery taste with the crunch of cashews, the brittle melted in my mouth, barely sticking to my teeth and what did stick to my teeth melted away within seconds.

Just pure ingredients no weird stuff.  Sugar, cashews, butter and vanilla is all the packaging indicated. Absolutely brilliant! I kept it in my van so I wouldn't be tempted to eat it all too quickly. With the holidays the supply lasted longer than would have been the case.

I try to avoid shopping on Sunday, my one day void of driving, but my generous wife after trying to create a homemade birthday card for a coworker was not satisfied with her results. She wanted to go to Hallmark to find something better. She doesn't drive, so I would have to drive her. Reluctantly I did, but I told her to please hurry, get what you want and lets get back home.

I stopped  the van directly in front of the doors and impatiently waited for her. After a few minutes I see her paying for her card and completing the transaction. Great, she's done I can get back home to cooking dinner and blogging you good folks. When all of a sudden I can tell by her body language through the plate glass window, she's had a revelation. She picks another item off a shelf, followed by me doing a face-palm, wondering WTF is she doing?

Now because my wife is an extremely generous and thoughtful person I knew she was doing something nice for someone. So I grinned and bared freezing my ass off in the still cold work van, my Volvo's battery freezed, so heated seat comfort was denied to me.

Then it came to me, "Is this where she bought that incredible cashew brittle a couple of months ago? Am I about   to restock my most favorite treat"? Well, I could tell by the twinkle in her eyes, this was indeed the case and I am restocked with the mostest deliciousness treat available to mankind.

The moral of the story?  Be kind to your wife, she will buy you cashew brittle!

Uploaded 01/08/2012
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