Syndicated Terrorism

Yea, three blogs a night, kinda a bit much. Sorry, I get bouts of writing urges followed by months of block.


In one of my earlier blogs tonight, I talked about my roomates ritualistic watching of shitty tv for the sole purpose of irritating me.

This is all pretty bad, but one fateful day, I was forced to watch hour upon hour of shitty syndicated eco terrorism on the Discovery Channel.


That's right, the worst thing I ever watched in this ritual of shit was Whale Wars. In case you've never seen it, three ships full of hippies go around attacking Japanese "Whaling" ships. They then get all pissy once the Japanese decide to defend themselves, then whine for the rest of the episode.


While watching this, I began to wonder why, if the Japanese are hunting whales illegally, and it's being documented on the Discovery Channel, why doesn't anyone do something about it?


Well, guess what. The japanese are actually liscenced to kill up to 800 whales a year for research purposes. Not only does this barely affect the population of whales (the particular whale, while the name is lost in the confines of my brain, is not considered endangered at all), but really, why does it matter if whales are being killed?


Yes, I know it is barbaric to kill whales. But why, exactly? It's not like we need them to power our lamps anymore!


And again, I'm all for saving the whales. However, the extremes that these American rich bastards go to to save the whales is completely and utterly ridiculous. First of all, go google what they look like. I'll wait.





See the first mate? Yea, he looks real sea-worthy. It's pretty obvious that these are all a bunch of rich bastards with nothing better to do than go kill Japs, which is what they do.


They throw acid on the whaling ships, drop prop-fowlers on them, that kinda thing. Eventually, the Japanese start to fight back (peacefully, I might add) by two things: First, they have four other ships come surround the "mothership" to try and scare the Americans off. They also have some sort of Microphonic sound device that causes pain to everyone who hears it. You know what I mean.


Meanwhile, the American's surround the ship, then launch a helicopter to get aerial view on them. The japanese fire their sound-ray gun at the helicopter, which causes the Americans to retreat, then whine and cry about how irresponsible it is to fire that at a chopper.


Apparently the Americans didn't realize that their show is called Whale Wars. Get it? War? That means the Japanese can fight back.


I already mentioned that the Americans throw acid on the deck of the whaling ships. Yup. Acid. That's pretty fucking irresponsible, I'd say.


In another episode, two members of the American ship actually board the Japanese ship illegally. In international waters. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that means the Japs can legally kill them.


Yet, get this: the Japanese let them go. They don't have enough balls, understandably, to kill American citizens. They're smart enough, I guess.


By the way, did I mention that their theme song is Bullet with Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins?


Just one more reason to hate the show.

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