Synopsis vs. Review - Temporary

It's not surprising most peeps here have less than an accurate hold on proper English, definitions, and the like. But it's really a show of high-caliber stupidity to push ignorance on someone that does.

So in a new lesson on the proper use and meaning behind the details of language, I'm prompted to provide a quick English lesson, solely dedicated to the one douche that doesn't know the difference between a synopsis and a review.

- 3 dictionary results
[si-nop-sis] Show IPA
noun, plural -ses [-seez] Show IPA

2. a compendium of heads or short paragraphs giving a view of the whole.

A synopsis is a concentrated summary of content (blow-by-blow; relatively unbiased)...

A review is a commentary on content (editorializing based on personal opinion, often without spoilers).

In case you're mislead in your prior understanding of the term, might I also add there are features to the English language known as "homonyms", which provide that a single word may have several different meaning variations, despite the spelling remaining the same. In this case, a synopsis as most write them may differ from the synopsis your teacher required in the 10th grade class you most likely failed.

I've added this mini-blog as a temporary example to the newest addition in stupidity here, through words as much as looks. Like I've ground it into a few before, you need to make sure the one you're trying to school hasn't actually gotten a degree or two in the areas you're talking outta your ass about.

Since he's new I might give him a break and delete this blog later this evening. That is all.
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