Take this to your Google and cash it!

This is not even a joke I must warn ahead of time this is just fact.
Growing up around the internet is where I learned about life. I grew up in a black family and when it was time to learn about the human body and reproduction my parents left that to the schools. Needless to say, but I will say it anyways, I have fallen in and out of many stereotypes; namely white females. 

Today however I bring up the issue of google. Did they do a system clean up or is my safe search filter working overtime. I have turned it off many months ago but when I do image searches it seems I have to try to see even half a nipple.

It used to be that you could type in the word "Sushi" while on Google's image search and with the safe search filter on, you got Sushi. Tasty, raw fish images that makes your mouth water and then you want to go to the nearest Japanese restaurant or Chinese Buffet. With the SSF safe search filter off; back in the day you type in Sushi, and you got a picture of a young Asian female trying to work her way through college named Sushi.

Now I am not trying to be rude or presumptuous, but why is it that I can type in "virgin fajita(s)," in Google's image search with SSF off with nothing more then a darn taco; but if I got to a Qdoba and ask the senorita working there the same thing I got an effing restraining order.

Let me know if there are more dissapoints and what they are on Google's image search. Can't even get a good pictures of a "Hoagie Shack," what is the internet coming to.
Uploaded 03/05/2011
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