Taking Action

The girl in the blue dress sitting across from a man in a white polo was eating her slice of cake she had ordered from the local coffee shop near her apartment complex. As she sipped her coffee and ate her cake the man started staring at her feet. She had on white pump's her arches where perfectly curved.  Her toes painted to perfection in a light pink with a design to fit.The man couldn't stop staring at her beautiful feet. He had never seen such beautiful feet ever in his life! He began to get a hard on. Oh dear, he thought. I had better just leave now. But, the girl noticed him and she could tell he was stunned by her soft delicate feet. She came over to his table. He started getting nervous. But, she introduced her self, Hi there! My name is Leah Volks may I ask for your's? Uhm, its Trey Mills he said in a nervous tone. She asked if she could have a seat at his table and he said "yes" with nervousness as the little coffee shop cleared out all the customers from the morning rush to work. Leah slipped her sexy foot out of one of her pump's and presumed to slightly but sexily rub  Trey's leg moving up and down and up and down. He began to get turned on to it. She could tell so she kept doing what she was doing but slipped her other foot out of her pump and began to stroke his penis a bit. She could tell he was enjoying her. He started leaking pre - cum all over his self. He knew this was worth being late to work for so he sat there in pure erection as she tempted and teased and touched and pleased his penis in ways a woman has never done. Porn was satisfying but not as satisfying as this. He didn't know her she didn't know him but he could not be more pleased with the results. The longer she did it the harder he got. Leah knowing that she presumed to get faster and harder and soon she knew he would explode cum in his pants. He almost moaned and then she stopped for a second. Then she got an idea lets go back to my apartment. But, she realized he kept looking at his watch. So she quickly got him off. When he came it was like harmony he was pleased. She took his number and said nice meeting you. He said the same and took her number. That day Trey went to work with the biggest smile on his face.

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