I hate hearing people say that abortions are evil and that they should be illegal, this is because i truely believe that it would be the dumdest move on anyones part if they were to actually make it illegal.

For all you that belive that abortions are evil hear are a couple of questions for you.

1. Would you rather have people getting abortions in alleys or in someones basement with a hanger or in a clean doctors office with people that are trained for this sorta thing?  Because we all no that people are going to have abortions weather there legal or not.

2. What if a husband and a wife both have a suffering sickness and one day the wife gets pregnant  would you rather have that child be born and grow up with this sickness and not be able to do as many things as the other children or would it just be better if you just killed it before it was even born in order to avoid all of this?


What if a young lady (teen) goes to a party one day and gets drunk, then soon after she passes out and as a result of this a man comes by and takes advantage of the moment and fucks her. Now a month later the the young lady finds out that she is pregnant and as a result of abortions being illegal she is obligated to have the baby. Now because of this she has to miss school inorder for the baby to be born and she now has to finds ways inorder to keep this baby alive which means working long horrible hours for this unwanted baby. Now as a result of this the young lady have become an adult with no highschool degree and works at Wendys inorder to look after both her and this curse of a child.

And for all of you that thinks that she made the mistake of going to the party in the first place, do you think that she should be punished the rest of her life because of this?

And just so you know orphanage dont want every fucken dumdass parents child. Plus our tax money is what is going towards looking after these children.


p.s I can see why people wouldn't agree with me on this second topic but if you were to have a baby and as soon as it was born you find out that it is mentally challenged and that it will never grow up like everyone else and it will always be needing help. Is it so wrong just to kill that new born baby killed the day of its birth so you can avoid another human haveing to grow up suffering?

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