Taking your job WAY to seriously

I have had 2 jobs so far in my lifetime. I worked in a supermarkey and i currently work for a bank. At each job, i have noticed that you get these people who take their job way to fucking serious. Like if my job was a person, these people would take a bullet for it. No questions, no hesitation. They would die for their job. Now these are the people who are always telling you how to do your job even though theyre in the same position as you. They ask stupid questions during meetings to get noticed and they constintly have their mouth of the bosses cock.

Im all with enjoying your job but these people take it to another fucking level. Work is work, it's not supposed to be fun, its supposed to just happen. The second i walk into work i want to leave. Now its not that i hate what i do, its more of the fact that there are other things id rather be doing. Smoke a blunt or go to work? Smoke a blunt is the obvious answer only thing is that in order to smoke that blunt, you need a job to make money to purchase that blunt. So that is why i work and why we all work, for money to buy shit. But there is no need to fucking take work like it is life and death everyday. You know how people say "Life today like it is your last" well these people seem to pretend every work day might be their last so they try so fucking hard to be great. They yell at other people telling them what to do, they got their noses shoved up the bosses asses and they just make you want to put a brick across their face. They never want to go home early, in fact they are offering to stay later. They show up an hour early to socialize with coworkers and stay an hour later to talk about the day and how they could make the company 100 times better.

My theory about why people take work to seriously: theyve got nothing else to take serious or to do. The people ive noticed who take work to seriously usually arent married or have a family and they just look straight pathetic. Work is their family. They have nothing better to do then work all day and it is pretty sad. These people really should be exterminated.

Uploaded 06/24/2009
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