Tall, Green Grass

    I approached you as you sat in the swing.  You were staring at the ground; drawing circles in the dirt with your shoe.  You looked so cute in your pigtails.  I walked up behind you and gave you a push.  You squealed a little then pumped your legs to go higher.  I got goose bumps every time  my hands touched your shoulders and gave you another push.  I will never forget the smell of your hair.  I tried telling myself it was not love...that it was just two kids playing on the swings.  However, the butterflies swarmed in my stomach.  I could not wait until you swung back into my hands and I could touch you again.  Back and forth you swung so high.  I would lose sight of you as you swung into the sun, but you always swung back and made me smile.  I pushed and pushed as you giggled and laughed.  It was a wonderful time and I thought it would never end.    

   After one big push, you disappeared in the sun.  You must have jumped from the swing because it swung back empty.  I thought I heard you laughing out in the tall, green grass.  I imagined you laying there with flowers in your hair and your pigtails all askew.  I waited by the swings to see if you would make it back.  Of course, you never did.  I knew you were chasing something else out there; out there in the bright sunshine and the tall, green grass. 

Uploaded 07/09/2010
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