I entered the frost bitten freezer. Pearls of blood still frozen in time, hang like memories from my now  fragmented mind. There is little in our lives that lead us in one direction without a violent start. With safety, there are options, otherwise the ride is a razor inside our desperate thighs. Like leaves we let time, weather and wind gather us upon the tarmac of irrelevance. We shimmer, we glimmer and all at once a coat of snow buries us, and we decay. And the best we can ever hope for is some kind of acidic imprint  momentarily displayed as the cold frost melts away.

I have seen the mind of God, it's purity has blinded my eyes, but now my soul does see the dirt that constitutes mankind. I desperately try to conceal it, and yet reveal it, in my own making, in my own time, in some way that advances me above the universal complexities that taints all souls.

The euphoria felt when eating a blood drenched steak is not an accident, it is our bodies in primitive state. To feed the mind with knowledge, with same effect, occurs rarely if ever at all. To have our souls feed on blood of knowledge terrifies the most capable man. For truth can be like poison, once ingested can turn the world inside out, and stop our lives. Our lives are but fallacies  built on unstable shores. With every tide, with every wind and every sun baked day, the essence of man is absolute decay.
Uploaded 12/07/2010
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