Tattooed Losers

Yesterday I've noticed a lot of old women in their 30s have tattoos. Usually on their arm or as a tramp stamp. I realised that they probably got them when they were 20-something and because it was cool to get one at that time. Now it's just said.

Some fads are worse than others, because they might affect you permanently. Like the tattoo or the dumb ass zulu ear rings or whatever that shit is called. The huge circles that strech out the bottom of the ear of the idiot who decides to get them.

I'm very smart. Much above the average. Some people even say I'm a genius. But you don't need to be as wise as me to know that fads come and go (you only need a few brain cells to realise it). I never got a tattoo or pierced my belly button. I'm too smart to. You can get AIDS in the tattoo parlor too. And hepatitis B.


But to the point - there's a bunch of uggos that obviously tried to be hip years ago and now they are stained with the mark of their stupidity. Ornamented arrow on the lower part of the belly with "this way to my peepee hole"  or "white trash." You probably seen some of those in a funny internet gallery. I'm not talking about the artistic tattoos that cover the whole arm or part of the chest, cause those are made by artists and the girls who get them are passionates and they usually look cool. I mean idiots getting a small shit tattoo cause it's hip and later they can't go to the beach because people laugh at them.

Imagine a woman with a Nash Bridges tattoo. It was probably awesome to have one in the 90s. Now it's pitiful.

Another types of tattoos are the ones that are made to commemorate something. You have to be careful with those too. Yakuza tattoos are bad ass, cause when someone sees them, they know you're a mobster's daughter or some shit so they better not piss you off. But things like writing your loved one's name somewhere - bad idea. I'll give you an example.

Let say there's this lady that loves her husband and on their 15th anniversary she wanted to show him her feelings. She goes to the tattoo parlor and gets a red heart with "I love Tomlet" scribbled on it. You kinda get the picture, right?

But don't think getting a tattoo is the only harmful fad. There's also the drug dealing fad, planking fad and getting fat fad (it was cool to be fat in 1614; can you believe this shit?), among other things

Have a good one, guys!

Uploaded 07/20/2011
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