Teach Me Your Religious Books Geniuses

 I have no problem with feminine men. I don't have a problem with  butch women. Gay marriage or gay people who want to adopt children is not a problem to me either. I don't have enough hatred to think there is something wrong with it.
  Last week I bought a guy a muffin and a coffee who had asked me for money outside a CVS. I went to the dunkin donuts across the street, and while I was there, two women pulled up in their car in front of that CVS and every time someone walked in or out of the store, they either called them over to their car or got out to hand them religious pamphlets, otherwise known as shit. Sorry to say that they didn't even have it in their heart to give the homeless(?) guy a pamphlet. I'm only saying that because I forgot to get him a napkin.   Rin is a doing a great thing here,considering most of her followers hate her and insult her. My favorite was when matt and rin laughed about sceintology fiction not being any different than christian fiction. That really made let flip his or her lid. It's time stupid people like me started getting an understanding of their awesome books and gods. Remember there are many. The atheists seem to be the ones that know more about the bible, koran, etc. than anyone else. Please people, use the wisdom you gathered from your book to teach me. Especially me, I'm too manly to be intelligent, but also too smart to follow any religion.
Uploaded 01/24/2013
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