Team Asshole

My nephew, Taylor, age 10, plays Pokemon Platinum on his DS Lite.  It turns out that my brother, Tay's other uncle, has a friend who plays, too.  One morning, a few weeks ago, my douchebag of a brother "borrowed" Taylor's game without permission, and took it over to his friend's house, and left it there.  Well, very very recently, he finally remembered to go back and get the thing.  Here is what my nephew found upon loading up his game for the first time after getting it back:

* All of his legendaries were gone, as were several other hard-to-get Pokemon (basically, everything he had to ask me for help catching).
* Also missing were several items you only get once in each game. * This jerk released the (presumably) crappy Pokemon he traded for them, leaving glaring gaps in the boxes.* He used Taylor's game to activate the Mystery Gift and get himself a Celebi.  It's in Taylor's Pokedex, but there's no Celebi in any of his boxes, so we presume he traded that to himself, too.
* He didn't even have the decency to help Taylor get his trade-evolutions (such as Alakazam, Golem, Machamp, etc.)

So, while trying to cheer Taylor up, we've been trying to think of suitable punishments for Team Asshole.  I think, at the very least, it's going to involve letting my sister have five minutes alone with each of them and a baseball bat.

Uploaded 03/25/2011
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