Television Shows that Piss me Off.

Here's a list of Television Shows that I hate, and why I hate them.



1.  Dr.Phil -  First off... this guy is not a doctor.  He has no PhD in anything.  He's a fucking life coach... but he's no better than what Jerry Springer does (not bashing that show btw).  He exploits people and their often petty family issues, and tells them the common sense things to do.  Just like Jerry Springer without the words for thought at the end.  Mr.Phil is also a biased Southerner.  His opinions often play a role in his "advice" which is completely inappropriate, yet people still idolize this guy.


2. 16 and Pregnant  -  I'm not too sure what to make of this show.  I am completely against teenagers having children, especially one's who are still living in their parent's home "being raised" themselves.   I don't know if this show is to condone kids having kids by showing them how it is, that everything's going to be ok, and that  being pregnant is cool... Or try and tell kids not to get pregnant because here are the consequences.  I think it shows a bit of both.   I've watched a couple episodes of this show and either the girl was really stupid, niave and immature, or the guy was stupid, irresponsible, and immature.  9/10 these kids are living with their parents still.   MTV  is where this show airs.  I hate this channel as it is... and it's because it's a giant commercial for trends and material, shallow things.   So what are teens getting from this?  Either way I think that there should be more facts about pregnancy and having a child in the show, opposed to watching kids go through it. 


3. Little People Big World - This show is about a "little" couple who have 3 kids, one in which is also "small".  At the beginning of every episode the midget mom says "We can do almost everything a normal person can, just a little differently"   BULLSHIT.  TLC would want nothing to do with these people if they were normal.  The show is boring as hell.  It's just a bunch of midgets living an everyday life.  Nothing special at all.  So all these people are actually doing is exploiting their children, possibly scarring them for life, and soaking in the attention in a respectable way... for midgets...



*** more to come ***

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