Tell Dirty how you like it.

I Picked up this chick the other day at the local funeral home. I like to go  to pick up fresh pussy. Theres nothing like mourning sex. Took her back to my place to play. I always want my girls to tell Dirty how they like it. The dirtier the better. I don't guess you should be surprised about what comes out of the bag when you look at the store you got it from.  This Bitch made DirtySanchez  feel.... dirty.I am a big fan of spanking. I think everybody should spank and get spanked at least once while they are masturbating. But she wanted me to whip her with a extension cord. Who am I to let her down. So after I got done Making her beautiful round ass cherry red from the cord it was time to get nasty. She started begging me "Daddy stick your finger in my ass and tell me your a dumb whore cindy". That might not seem strange to some of you sick fuckers on here but her name was Katie. So I was knuckle deep off in Katie's turd cutter screaming out " Cindy, what kind of dumb whore are you." The hard I pushed and the louder I screamed. The more she came. This bitch could put a small fire out with the cum that was coming out of her pussy. Then it was Dirty's turn. She sucked my dick so hard I thought she was going to suck the head right off. When I came in her mouth I think she tried to blow it back in my dick so she could suck it out again. After I took her back to the funeral home I found out that "Cindy" was her dead sister that she was there for.  mourning sex is GREAT!

Whats the craziest thing anybody has ever asked you to do?

Uploaded 10/02/2008
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