Temp Agencies BLOW!

So I work for a temp agency which employs me with The job sucks and on top of it the other night I'm sittin at home playin NCAA Football 2009 on my PS2 when I get a call from the temp agency saying my employment has been terminated due to too many attendance points. I pause for a few seconds and then manage an "o..kay..." and he appologizes for doing his job, which is the silliest thing I can possibly think of to do. So I hang up and sit there in shock because I hadn't been late or missed any days of work in quite a long time. Eventually I decide I'll go in in the morning to see where exactly these points came from.

NEXT MORNING: Head on in at about 10 AM (meant to wake up at 8:00 AM oops)

                         I step into the temp agency office and kindly request to see my attendence point infractions. The man searches his computer and starts naming a few dates which were legit, but still ones I knew of and were in no danger of being fired from. Then I remember THEY sent me home because I had injured my neck and had to see a doctor before I could return to work. Well I ask if there were anymore large point infractions and he names one of the dates they had relieved me from working. Unfreakinbelievable!!! I say umm you guys told me not to come into work without seeing a doctor and having him fill out paperwork and suggest a return date. He claims they never entered that I had been sent home. Sorry.

 Well at least the morons know how to fix the situation. He types some stuff in the computer and PRESTO I have my job back and can come in the next day. The incompetence of this place would astonish you.

*PS: I phoned in Sunday asking for the start time for Monday. He pauses for a minute then says proudly: "6:30". I drive in Monday at 6:30 and what do you know, NO ONE IS THERE FROM MY FRICKEN SHIFT. ITS A 7:30 START. F U TEMP AGENCY. F U.

Uploaded 07/23/2008
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