Hypothetical question. How would you feel if Nazi Germany won World War 2 and they moved all of the Chinese people into the United States, taking our houses our land and our basic rights? More detail may be needed. The Chinese literally moved into your house used all of your things, took your job, your car, everything. Meanwhile you and every other American citizen was forced to move to Mexico.

I hope that your answer is that you would be incrediblly angry and hostile towards both the Chinese and the Nazis. If it isn't than I didn't do a good job of setting up the main basis of this blog.

The point I am getting at is that most Americans have no idea why the Muslim's aka Terrorists hate us. Basically what happened was that after World War 2 the "U.N." (more like the U.S.) decided to give the Jews their own country. In order for this to happen we had to move the Palestinians out of their land and homes.

Take a minute and think about how that would make you feel to have to give up everything you have and have worked for. You would become hostile and harbor a hatred like you have never known.

The Muslims hate America because we kicked them out of their homes to move the Jews in. (It is no sectet that the Muslims and Jews have had intense conflict long before this) I find it irritating that the media does not either realize this or is keeping it quiet on purpose. We should all know where this hatred comes from.

I am a 6'5" white male Catholic of Danish and German decent and am in know way trying to justify the attacks and resulting deaths that the Muslims have launched on us. I just think that it is time for the people to understand where this comes from.

I say that the U.S. should drop all support for Israel and let the crisis in the middle east sort itself out. We may have fucked up oil prices for a while but it is time to develop alternatives anyways.

It is time for some real change, not the kind of false change that Obama has sucessfully marketed to the majority. But than again if he is Muslim maybe he will drop support for Israel. Think about it

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