Thank you........

Citi bank and US bank are the two I am talking about although there are more of them, they have taken OUR tax dollars citi= 115 billion  US Bank 56=billion and now plan on bonuses of 30 billion for the same people who caused the whole frigging loss anyway. Here is a wonderful idea, suspend bonus money until you pay back what you took. I keep hearing that we will never get our money back as if we are being prepared for bad news so when it happens it won't hurt so bad. Think about how obsurd all this is...we give them money so they dont go out of business so they can now screw us at every turn. It is exactly this kind of crap that we ALLOW, (our Government) that makes me hold my breath as people scream we need to be in another successful health care business like medicare. I LOVE MY COUNTRY BUT WE ARE NOT GOOD BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN.


I would like to take a moment to thank the Leaders of our country who told the Banks ENOUGH is Enough with the interest rates you charge! They passed into law a way to stop this. FRIGGING put a date on the interest gouging......oh shit......they have until December30? I didnt look the date up but all my credit cards are going up to 13 or 17% starting Dec 30, I concider myself one of the few lucky people out here in this credit card world, I dont have to have the credit card so I just canceled my citi bank and US Bank cards because they wanted to raise my interest form 8% to 17% and my credit has been spotless.

IN THE FUTURE my thoughtful leaders, dont tell a wolf he can eat all he can until a certain time PICK UP HIS FOOD DISH RIGHT THEN. If you havent heard from your Credit Card will.


Thanks for reading Bohank I think I will buy something today WITH cash

Uploaded 10/22/2009
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