Thank You

I would just like to thank you for making the decisions that you made, as they seem to have worked well for me. Thank you for denying your husband sex. I'm not sure exactly why you would have done that, as he is pretty fucking awesome in bed. Thanks for lying there like a corpse, too. I guess that coupled with the lack of frequency was the last straw. Thank you for doing nothing but sit around the house, watching your soaps and doing a little bit of housework when you had to while he went to college and worked full time. Thanks for refusing to work, and insist on having your hair and nails done frequently, even when times were tough financially. My low maintenance approach to beauty is a breath of fresh air to him, and he truly appreciates the fact that I am willing to do my part to contribute to the family income. Thanks for being so closed mouthed and difficult to talk to. We never seem to run out of things to discuss, and he loves it. Thank you for ignoring him when he came home from work in the evenings, merely grunting to him that his dinner was in the microwave. He hates eating alone. Thank you so much for continuing to smoke and tan all these years. Smoking and tanning has aged you considerably, and your teeth look disgusting. I don't smoke, never tan, and look about ten years younger than my actual age. Thank you for refusing to get along with his family! Funny that they never liked you, they absolutely love me! Thanks so much for throwing away a perfectly good husband! I owe you big time!
Forever Grateful,your ex husband's new wife
Uploaded 04/09/2011
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