Thanks Ebaum

First off, let me start by saying how much I love Ebaumsworld.  I really do.  I started coming here years ago when posts were updated weekly then daily and now hourly.  I remember the Fox news reporter who fell off the grape stomping platform head first and made the most fucked up noise I have ever heard.  Ewww, Ewww, Ewww.  It didn’t sound right coming from her and I have never heard anything like that again.  It still haunts my dreams.  If you have the clip please repost.  I used to come to Ebaumsworld to find funny stuff like that or Taserings.  Don’t Do It, Don’t Do it,………. Argggggggh.  Or funny Japanese game shows where guys would end up on the street naked with no way to get back where they started.  All funny stuff.   But lately I get into the main page and go straight to blogs.  Very rarely do I go check out videos or play games anymore.  2 girls 1 cup or mumbles goes to a funeral just doesn’t cut it anymore.  I enjoy reading the blogs and most of you guys have some pretty funny and interesting things to say.  Some others can barely string a sentence together but I will be damned if you don’t try anyway.  It is really neat to see what can be done to a language that has been around for so long.  This has also become a great forum for racists.  Or at least it used to be, I haven’t seen as much lately.  There aren’t many places where you can blurt out nigger and get away with it.  You are safe at work or school as long as you use Ebaums as a forum to vent.  Chances are you would have gotten your ass kicked anyway.  I also love seeing the religious wars.  God Damn some of you guys get hot.  Guess what assholes, religion is a personal choice and you telling someone to believe in whatever isn’t going to happen here.  Save your hands a little extra work and go knock doors instead of typing away.  I’m not home.  The political rages are the best.  Now you guys have a lot to say.  The world would be a better place if some of you were in office.  I would encourage you to do something politically.  Local offices or something.  You could really help out the communities you live in.  Others don’t know their asses from their elbows.  Please stop it.  You scare the piss out of me.  This has also become a place to get great sexual advice.  Hi I am a young girl who doesn’t know what to do sexually.  Can you help me?  This really does seem like the right place kids.  Your parents and teachers don’t know shit.  Take some advice from the bouncing titty avatar, ButtScooter or QueefEcho.  They know whats up.  Whether the blogs are about what you are about to do today, how fucked up your weekend was or some story or a joke, I find all of them interesting.  So you can imagine my dismay when I was blocked out of the new blogs section.  I wrote Ebaumsworld an email and the problem was taken care of within minutes.  You guys rock and thanks for listening. 

Uploaded 08/13/2008
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