"THAT" person

We all know at least one of them..."that" person. Be they male or female (usually female) doesn't matter. "That" person cries when they see a dead cat on the side of the road. "That" person is, for lack of a better term, an emotional package of C-4. "That" person should be on "meds" but the fear of what may happen prevents them from doing it.

"That" person is my roomie's neice. At first I chalked up her emotional instability to her age (18). But, as I've come to know her, I now know that's not the case. When I compare her to my, soon to be, 20 year old daughter the differences in emotional maturity are staggering. 

This young girl (we will call her Beth) gets so emotionally charged that all reasoning capabilities not only "fly out the window", they put on kevlar body suits and arm themselves to the teeth in case they can't get the fuck away fast enough! Beth, when arguing with her boyfriend, starts sounding like a tea kettle mixed with fire engine sirens. The shrill, shrieking, nerve-grating sounds become incomprehensible. I'm amazed she even has a boyfriend!

She is so emotionally unstable and overdramatic that the thought of slipping some Zanax into her drink is more than I can tolerate. She's the kind of person that can look at you and say "What did I do? I didn't do anythng...why are you looking at me that way? WHY ARE YOU MAD AT ME? OMFG....I DIDN'T DO ANYTHING DID I? WHY ARE YOU UPSET WITH ME?WHY DON'T YOU JUST SAY IT?....JUST TELL ME YOU'RE MAD AT ME AND GET IT OVER WITH! EVERYBODY FUCKING HATES ME AND I DON'T KNOW WHY....(Imagine all of this being said while every single word gets louder and harder to understand and she starts crying.) When, all the while, I was just going to say "Good morning Beth", and nothing more. Holy Christ!

Beth can't be happy unless there's massive emotional trauma going on somewhere. When there's no drama happening she's the type to blow shit out of proportion in order to create drama.

Tonight she started crying uncontrollably while sitting at the computer. I made the mistake of showing concern and asking her what was wrong......"My friend Bill died of cancer today, I just found out on Facebook" she says. Now, being a HUMAN BEING, I felt bad for her, truly. But then, as she spoke, her overcharged and overdramatic side took over. (I know, you're thinking Deunan you're a fucking prick! Can't you overlook her emotional immaturity at a time like this?) Yes reader I could but as the story unfolds you will better understand. She explains what a big role Bill has played in her life, how special he was, how understanding, how no single person in her life has ever been such a good friend to her, how she has always wished Bill could have been her father, yadda yadda yadda.

She tells me TONS of things that would make any person feel bad for her loss. Then she mentions that Bill was 75 years old. Hmmm....I think to myself that she must have known Bill her whole life.......right? WRONG!!! She met Bill on Tuesday....FUCKING TUESDAY!!! She has known Bill all of 5 days! Her uncontrollable hysteria had lead me to believe that Bill was this life long friend who must have had a deep and loving impact on her life. Her behavior made me think that she must have suffered a loss on a level that I can't comprehend. Her current state of mania has caused her to have a nervous fucking break down. WTF? Can you imagine what will happen to this girl when someone close or important to her dies? I don't fucking want to imagine that. She paced my living room for 2 hours, chain smoking, in a state reminiscent of a jaundiced baby with a crack addiction! We all know at least one person like this. There is no fixing them. There is no reasoning with them. They can't be helped. Or, am I just an unfeeling asshole?


By the way....she couldn't even tell me Bill's last name. LOL


Astounded Deunan


Uploaded 12/06/2010
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