"that was easy"

Okay, so here... we.. go!!! The schoolyear starts off with a bang and i am back into the program of everyday school life... exept one thing. I have English in Mr. Willis's class and in his class he has a button... an "easy button" Yes the one from the staples commercial. It is a giant RED button and it is right next to me... For all those who know me, i have no impulse control. Every single time i am in the class i have to push it at least once and it has a voice that states "That Was Easy" . . . So today in class im sitting there and it is quieter than the middle of nowhere, everyone is doing the assignment . I all of a sudden have the strongest urge to push the button, i keep thinking to myself "oh my god this is the perfect time to press it, it is sure to break the awkward silence"... So i look over, that big red button basically begging me to press it and so i give in. I reach over to press it. when all of a sudden the voice freezes and it begins saying "easy, easy, easy, easy, easy, easy" and so by now everyone is looking at me including the teacher. My first instinct is to pick it up and turn it off but when i see the bottom there is no off switch. so while i am making a fool of myself in front of the class i finally have the thought to break it... so i slam the damn thing onto the ground. Lets just say it stops and the teacher is not happy... So goes the story of how i was expelled the third day of school.

Uploaded 08/21/2008
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