That's What I Think and Other Things That Don't Rhyme

All the problems of humanity are a matter of population density and resource needs, all our frustrations and unhapiness just the failure of our tribal natures being denied by our current culture. All the so called evil just a combination of the above with the fact that beyond our tribal limits we cannot see all as being actually human. Our inteligence, awareness, language, all just a function of our unique quality of being a hunting primate. We evolved a diferent kind of hunting strategy, one of tactics not formations. Circumstances ran with our unqiue gifts and millions of years later we thought we ruled the world.

Our feelings and our thoughts, our desires and our tendancies, all the selfishness of humans, just a matter of chemical levels and genetic anomolies. A tragic drama of cause and effect. impulses chaining across many effects and throughout many brains.

All of this was just chance. Because what worked went forward to produce more, to say nothing of what was deadly after a breeding age. Our ecology is the mark of efficiency. There could be no meaning or purpose, no hand of any artist. No mind could be so efficient as this.

There is a collective energy, condensed to various frequencies, like sound only a few of them perceptable. manifestations of a number unimportant and posibly that number is none at all of a frequency unknowable and manipulation only possible for them may be. Thier motivations not benevolent or malevolent, just entertainment, those other two aren't real.

Does consciousness contiue, is it anything but physical matter's product? Quite impossible for it to be anything more as far as you know, but the pool of energy that is all may be what was and will be, the essence of it readable, but not by you of course.

That's all silly homo sapien, that is the essence of all the meaning of our existence. No despair is nescesary, if you ever saw anything there but the chance to be amused then the purpose here you sorely missed. There is yet time to be thrilled. enjoy.

Uploaded 03/06/2010
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