The Alcohol Curse, Part 1.

About 1 month ago, a friend of mine was looking for a place to rent, so he could throw his birthday party. He decided to rent the backyard of another mutual friend that lives in the slope of a big hill full of trees, grass, a cool grill and a huge water tank. An awesome play ground for drunk and high people. So, I arrived at the place at 5pm, and this dude, the owner of the hill house and one of my best friends, was all fresh and sober then, and until the next 6 to 7 hours. After that, he got to the point in which his voice would just not sound sober and did things that he would regret the next day. This point is normal in any drunken person, but here, it came with a little extra. Everything in the party was all right, but the quantity of beer, vodka, rum, and whisky my friend was taking...I'll just say that one could tell that things were not going to have a good end.


At 2 am, he was just jumping around, laughing, shouting, asking everybody if they wanted to split some coke, and constantly grabbing her girlfriends ass, which is a good thing, dont get me wrong here; its just that you have to know where to draw the line or when to do it in public, there where a lot of people in that party that did not know him or her, so she got embarrassed, and very pissed. At 4am, the misses gave me the "please, lets get the fuck out of here" look, so I took my last nikolovska* shot and got out.


The next day in the afternoon, my girlfriend gets a phone call by the pissed girlfriend of my friend, finding that she was not pissed anymore, but very sad and crying, inconsolable. From what I got from different witnesses and the drunk dude himself, after we left the party, my friend got drunk and pissed beyond limits. He started to shout at his girl for no reason, and then started an argument with another guy, that ended in a fist fight. His girlfriend and another girl tried to break it up by pulling him away, but what he does? He gets mad and pushes them away, causing them to fall to the ground, one on her ass, the other one on her face, which lead the other girls boyfriend, the birthday dude, my other friend, to start hitting and absolute chaos. After the fight ended, and all the people went away (maybe it was 6am), it seems that they had this big argument, that got out of hand when he started saying "unforgivable fucked up things", that made his girlfriend leave for good.


Now, you must be thinking that this guy is just another fucked up drunk ass bum, but let me tell you that this guy is not like that at all: He is a very funny and mellow guy, with no hate whatsoever. He sure likes to party, I think that he would prefer weed to booze any day, but Ive never seen him so out of control with the drinks, and for the stuff that I heard happen that night, he just went apeshit. After the incident, birthday dude and half the mutual friends were mad at him, his girlfriend left him, his mom wanted him to go to AA (he actually thought about it), his dad got really sick, and he started to fall into a guilt spiral.


After long talks, lots of tobacco and some slowly enjoyed spirits (not booze gulping), he got back on his feet: he solved the quarrel with birthday dude, half the mutual friends and his ex girlfriend (she did dumped him, but at least they are friends now). I helped him with the AA thing, showing him the Bloody Mary south park episode (914) a few laughs and some weed. So everything was starting to look normal again in this neighbourhood, until some hours ago. I called to remind him about some money he owns me; so he's telling me no problem, that he would drop by my house tomorrow. And I had, just had to say it: by the way, ¿how was your weekend?....fuck, I never should have asked.




(*)Nikolovska Shot: maybe you have another name for it; its like a tequila shot, but the salt on the lemon is replaced with some mixed grounded coffee and sugar. Bite the lemon, take the vodka shot.

Uploaded 05/25/2009
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