the alien agenda and 2012 event How I've concluded it wil happ

I think that a cataclismic event wil happen around 2012.  Before most of the planet is wiped out Extraterrestrial beings will take most of the population and use them however they need.  This will be what people who are religious will refer to as the rapture.  Before all this happens the government will corall us up into camps to "keep us safe"  from something, just to minimizw chaos before the final moments.  In these camps they will force us to take a chip or some form of implant for tracking.  This will be the mark of the beast.  I belive that this is the reason so many ufo sightings have been happening recently.  They a picking who they will take when this happens.  The cataclism will either be some sort of sun flare, that extra planet will come to close to us, or there will be aliens on this planet that will Physically harvest us.  A magnetic shift will most likely happen before the solar flare, so I consider these two related.  Call me what you will but i believe that something is about to happen.  All signs point to this.  including the mayan calendar that can still predict solar eclipses down to seconds even to this day, thousands of years after it was made.   I hope that I am wrong about all of this.  Please let me know how you feel about this.

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