The Alts, The Pulp and now The Facts

We all have signatures that identify us. There is facial recognition, hand written signatures, voice, walking gate, amongst others.  Here in the blog section many people have alts.  Trolls like to use them to score points due to inferiority complexes.  One such troll here has so many that the sex of the individual is a question mark.  Just as well, you don't want that crap breeding.

Trolls with many alts are easy to pick out as the alt usually comments like a drone and star and thumb accordingly.  The only drone here that isn't an alt is Frogbob. I miss the old Frogbob, when he had a mind of his own, but no use in dwelling.

Writing styles also leave signatures that point to certain individuals. So what happens when those signatures don't match the individual that presents them? There is only one conclusion, that individual has gotten someone else to write for them. This is a very sad and a desperate attempt to meet out their agenda.

In one such case I have found two unusual signatures coming from one individual.
Here is an example from one blog.

But we're interested in those tasty, quality ice cream.
Chocolate ice cream ofter come in the form of chocolate and vanilla or chocolate and cream.
Now the important thing is to choose right add-ons.
But that's not all!

This signature of writing is easily identifiable. Short, stubby bad sentence form, incorrect vocabulary, lack or misuse of punctuation and using the word "but" to start sentences.

Now look at this next set of sentences and try to pick out the signature. This was presented by the same person that wrote those horrible lines above.

Musician wannabe who can't play anything more complex than his scale pattern solos on a telecaster replica and the only riff he can come up with is a modified Smoke on The Water.

 Most know her as the Canadian girl that has a WoW addict boyfriend, a dad who doesn't give a shit about her and a dozen of cats.

Proven to be an unfunny fag multiple times and sharing his account with his mentally challenged son (you never know which one wrote which blog), he now capitulated to my writing superiority, knowing that he can't spam my section when I'm around.

Not great writing by any means, but they are well written and far more articulate than the first example. Longer sentences containing two or more ideas, increased vocabulary, proper use of punctuation, (well almost) and correct uses of words.

As we can easily see these two blogs were written by two completely different individuals. The first having poor knowledge of the English language with poor articulation and well, not very bright.
The second, well articulated, well versed and displaying signs of intellect.

How sad it is that someone who loves to write, feels the need to get others to write for her or him. Breaks my heart really, as even the mentally challenged should feel comfortable in their own skins.
Uploaded 06/23/2011
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