The American Worker....BAH!!!

   I have to ask the question of "What happened to the American worker?"


Every day I go to work and I try to to my job to the best of my abilities. That is what they pay me for....They give me a weekly paycheck and I give them 100% of my best work possible.


Back in the day, the American worker was all about doing a job well because they received a paycheck. Today, it seems, that workers are constantly bitching and whining about not making enough money. Well guess what, the company is not there to make you rich, it's there to make someone else rich. If you don't like it, then you should start your own buisness and get rich. Buisnesses create jobs, jobs that most of us need to survive in this world.


Unfortunatly I know what had happened to the American worker. I hate to say it but, the unions are the worst thing to ever happen to the worker of today. Don't get me wrong, they have done some good things but, overall they are the devil-spawn. They have put the thought of "what can this company do for me?" into the minds of the American people. No more do they want to work for their money....they just want to go in, spend their 8 hours sitting around, and get their high dollar paycheck.  That leaves the few of us that come in to do our 100%, to pick up their slack because the job still has to be done.


Thanks for listening

Uploaded 04/14/2010
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