The apple doesnt fall far from the tree

It seems to me that the apple almost never falls far from the tree. Take recent politicians for instance. Reagan was a fairly intelligent man, not brilliant, but intelligent, and fought hard core for his conservative agenda. His son does the same. HW wasnt that bright. His son was an alcoholic and a ravenous coke fiend. Clinton was fucking brilliant. (you might not like his policies or his personal flaws, but unless you are a rhodes scholar and go to the number one law school in the country, you cant take his intelligence away from him.) Chelsea is smart and articulate. Dubya was an alcoholic and a ravenous coke fiend. His daughters were shitty students who were always getting in trouble for boozing it up. They are now trying to make a living in the extremely intellectual profession of writing childrens stories. I cant wait until they write about a fucking pet goat.

So what can the children of todays candidates tell us about their parents? Obama's are too young to really tell. Biden's and McCains are both in the service, so that is a push.

Palins kids are a fucking joke. First, you have to look at what she named them. Track, Trig, Bristol, Piper, and Willow. That is it, all five of them, and not one of them has a normal fucking name.

Just like his mother, Trig is a fucking retard. How cruel do you have to be to not only insist that he be born, but then doom him to a life of being called Trig? Isnt it enough that people will laugh at him as he gets off the short bus wearing a helmet?

Then there is Bristol, who aside from apparently being named after a city with a NASCAR track, (NASCAR, much like Wasilla, is well known as being a safe haven for those who drink Natural Ice and sleep with their family members.) but she is also in an apparent competition with Jamie Lynn Spears to see who can be the biggest teenage whore in the country. I cannot wait for the day that the oval office becomes stained with her filthy placenta.

In conclusion, your kids are a reflection on you. Palin's are retarded or barefoot and pregnant. It is the touch of class that I would expect from a possible future president of the United States.


Uploaded 10/13/2008
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